College Code Of Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya(RGPV)

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  1. very useful informations about rgpv university and rgpv college code affiliate university …..all the list of college code of with full details …

    1. Thanks for your valuable comment on rgpv (Bhopal) college code list….if this post helpful to you then do share with your friends and colleagues.

  2. Sir, i want to know the college code of Gyan ganga institue and also tell me….is there electrical instrumentation branch is available or not ?

    1. Good Morning Bunty… i am glad happy to know the RGPV or RGTU college code …The College code of Gyan Ganga Institute Of Technology And Management be 0176 and Gyan Ganga Institute Of Technology be 0206 and Gyan Ganga College Of Technology be 0208 … If this Rajiv Gandhi Technical universiyty college code be helpful then do share with your colleges friends….Thnaks

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