College Code Of Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya(RGPV)

Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya established in the year 1996 by Madhya Pradesh Vidhan sabha act 13,1998 .This university is situated in Bhopal,madhypradesh . RGPV has 247 acres campus with lush green environment . Under Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya there are 219 affiliated engginering colleges , 87 Pharmacy colleges , 80 MBA colleges , 5 architecture colleges . In this article we listed colleges code of engineering colleges of Bhopal,Madhya Pradesh . Below are the Full List of Engineering College Code of RGPV/RGTU , MCA  College Code of RGPV/RGTU , B.Pharma  College Code of RGPV/RGTU , M.Pharma  College Code of RGPV/RGTU .
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Engineering College Code Of RGPV/RGTU:

[newtable caption=”Colleges Code Of Rajiv Gandhi Technical University (RGPV)” colwidth=”10|20|100|” colalign=”left|left|left”],College Name,College Code

1,University Institute Of Technology (Rgpv),0101

2,Lakshmi Narain College Of Technology(Lnct),0103

3,Rkdf Institute Of Science And Technology,0104

4,Oriental Institute Of Science And Technolgy(Oist),0105

5,Samrat Ashok Technological Institute,0108

6,Sri Satya Sai Institue Of Science And Technology,0109

7,Technocrats Institute Of Technology,0111

8,Bansal Institue Of Science And Technology,0112

9,Truba Institute Of Engg. And Information Technology,0114

10,Nri Institue Of Information Science And Technology,0115

11,All Saint’S College Of Technology,0116

12,Scope College Of Engineering,0121

13,Bhopal Institute Of Technology And Science (Bangarasia),0124

14,Shree Institute Of Science And Technology,0125

15,Oriental College Of Technology,0126

16,Bansal College Of Engineering,0127

17,Patel College Of Science And Technology,0128

18,Bhabha Engineering Research Institute,0129

19,Globus Engineering College,0130

20,J.N College Of Technolgy,0131

21,Radha Raman Institute Of Technology And Science,0132

22,Sagar Institute Of Research And Technology,0133

23,Rkdf College Of Engineering,0156

24,Lakshmi Narain College Of Technology And Science,0157

25,Radha Raman Engineering College,0158

26,Rajeev Gandhi Proudyogiki Mahavidyalaya,0159

27,Swami Vivekananad College Of Science And Technology,0160

28,Vns Group Of Institutions,0161

29,Acropolis Institute Of Technology And Research,0171

30,All Saints’ College Of Engineering,0172

31,Bansal College Of Research And Technology,0173

32,Bhopal Institute Of Technology(Bangrasia),0174

33,Cresecent College Of Technology,0175

34,Gyan Ganga Institute Of Technology And Management,0176

35,Ies’S College Of Technology,0177

36,Jai Narain College Of Technology And Science,0178

37,Millenium Institute Of Technology And Science,0179

38,Mittal Institute Of Technology,0180

39,Patel Institute Of Technology,0181

40,People’S College Of Research And Technology,0182

41,Radha Raman Institute Of Research And Technology,0183

42,Rajeev Gandhi Proudyogiki Mahavidyalaya(2),0184

43,Rukmani Devi Institute Of Science And Technology(Misrod),0185

44,Sagar Institute Of Research Technology And Science,0186

45,Sagar Institute Of Science And Technology,0187

46,Sam College Of Engineering And Technology,0188

47,Sri Satya Sai College Of Engineering,0189

48,Vedica Institute Of Technology,0190

49,Technocrats Institute Of Technology[Excellence],0191

50,Technocrats Institute Of Technology And Science,0192

51,Trinity Institute Of Technology And Research,0198

52,Tit College,0199

53,Jabalpur Engineering College,0201

54,Guru Ramdas Khalsa Institute Of Science And Technology,0202

55,Hitkarni College Of Engineering And Technology,0203

56,Shri Ram Institute Of Technology,0205

57,Gyan Ganga Institute Of Technology ,0206

58,Takshshila Institute Of Engineering And Technology,0207

59,Gyan Ganga College Of Technology,0208

60,Shri Ram Institute Of Science And Technology,0213

61,Vindhya Institute Of Technology And Science,0214

62,Laxmi Bai Sahuji Institute Of Engineering And Technology,0215

63,Sgbm Institute Of Technology And Science,0216

64,Lakshmi Narain College Of Technology,0217

65,Oriental Engineering College(Gram Andhua),0218

66,Saraswati Institute Of Engg. And Technology,0219

67,Oriental Institute Of Science And Technology,0220

68,Sardar Patel College Of Technology,0221

69,St. Aloysius Institute Of Technology,0223

70,Radha Swami Institute Of Technology,0224

71,Faculty Of Engg. Global Nature Care Sangathan Group Of Institute,0225

72,Shri Rawatpura Sarkar Institute Of Technology,0226

73,Prakash Institute Of Engg. And Technology,0227

74,Shri Ram Group Of Institutions,0228

75,Premier Institute Of Technology,0234

76,Annie Institute Of Technology & Research Centre,0236

77,Rewa Engineering College,0301

78,Vindhya Institute Of Technology And Science,0302

79,Rewa Institute Of Technology,0303

80,Jawaharlal Nehru College Of Technology,0306

81,Aditya College Of Technology And Science,0307

82,Uit Shahdol,0308

83,Krishna College Of Engineering Rewa,0309

84,Sagar Institute Of Research And Technology Excellence,0501

85,Corporate Institute Of Science And Technology,0502

86,Iasscom Fortune Institute Of Technology,0503

87,Bhabha College Of Engineering,0504

88,Kailash Narayan Patidar College Science And Technology,0505

89,Bansal Institute Of Research Technology And Science,0506

90,Gargi Institute Of Science And Technology,0507

91,Surbhi College Of Engineering And Technology,0508

92,Patel Institute Of Engineering And Science,0509

93,Laxmipati Institute Of Science And Technology,0510

94,Nri Institute Of Research And Technology,0511

95,Rkdf College Of Technology And Research,0512

96,Bagula Mukhi College Of Technology ,0525

97,Ies Institute Of Technology And Management,0526

98,Rkdf College Of Technology,0527

99,Agnos College Of Technology,0528

100,Mansarovar Institute Of Science And Technology,0529

101,Madhav Proudyogiki Mahavidyalaya,0530

102,Vidhyapeeth Institute Of Science And Technology,0531

103,Sha-Shib College Of Technology,0532

104,Truba College Of Science And Technology,0533

105,Maxim Institute Of Technology,0534

106,Giridhar Siksha Evam Samaj Kalyan Samiti Group Of Institute,0535

107,Sagar Institute Of Science Technology And Engineering,0536

108,Sagar Institute Of Science And Technology And Research,0537

109,Kopal Institute Of Science And Technology,0538

110,Bhopal Institute Of Technology And Management,0539

111,Millenium Institute Of Technology,0540

112,Shri Ram College Of Technology,0541

113,Satyam Edu. And Social Welfare Society Group Of Institutions,0542

114,Malhotra Technical Research Institute,0543

115,Aisect Institute Of Science And Technology,0544

116,Shri Balaji Institute Of Technology And Management,0545

117,Vaishnavi Institute Of Technology And Science,0546

118,Surabhi Group Of Institutions,0547

119,Sparta Institute Of Technology And Management,0548

120,Corporate Institute Of Research And Technology(Hataikheda), 0552

121,Hl Agrawal College Of Engineering,0553

122,Ig Engineering College,0601

123,Ojaswini Institute Of Management And Technology,0607

124,Babulal Tarabai Research And Technology,0608

125,Swami Vivekanand Institute Of Technology,0609

126,Infinity Management And Engineering College,0610

127,Ojaswini Women Management And Engineering College,0611

128,Adina Institute Of Science And Technology,0612

129,Gyan Sagar College Of Engineering,0613

130,Pt. Devprabhakar Shastri College Of Technology,0614

131,Engineering College Nowgong,0616

132,Ujjain Engineering College,0701

133,Madasaur Institute Of Technology,0702

134,Mahakal Institute Of Technology,0704

135,Mahakal Institute Of Technology And Science,0712

136,Alpine Institute Of Technology,0713

137,Mahakal Institute Of Technology And Management,0714

138,Prashanti Institute Of Technology And Science,0715

139,Late Ramoti Devi Institute Of Engineering,0716

140,Synergy Institute Of Technology,0717

141,Shri Yogindra Sagar Institute Of Technology And Science,0718

142,Shri Guru Sandipani Institute Of Technology And Science,0722

143,Sarjan Institute Of Technology Management And Science,0723

144,New=Tech Institute Of Engg.Science And Technology,0725

145,Shri G.S Institute Of Technology And Science,0801

146,Shri Vaisnav Institute Of Technology And Science,0802

147,Jawaharlal Institute Of Technology(Borawan),0805

148,Institute Of Engg.And Science (Ips Academy),0808

149,Medicap Institute Of Technology And Management,0812

150,Rishiraj Institute Of Technology,0817

151,Indore Institute Of Science And Technology,0818

152,Central India Institute Of Technology,0819

153,Lakshmi Narain College Of Technology,0820

154,Malwa Institute Of Technology,0821

155,Swami Vivekanand College Of Engineering,0822

156,Sri Dadaji Institute Of Technology And Science,0823

157,Acropolis Institute Of Technology And Research,0827

158,Patel College Of Science And Technology,0828

159,Sushila Devi Bansal College Of Technology,0829

160,Truba College Of Engineering And Technology,0830

161,Astral Institute Of Technology And Research,0831

162,Chameli Devi Group Of Institutions,0832

163,Jagadguru Dattatry College Of Technology,0833

164,Sushila Devi Bansal College Of Engineering,0834

165,Lord Krishna College Of Technology,0835

166,Royal College Of Technology,0836

167,Sanghvi Institute Of Management And Science,0837

168,Venkteshwar Institute Of Technology,0838

169,Vindhya Institute Of Technology And Science,0839

170,Bm College Of Technology,0850

171,Mahatma Gandhi Institute Of Engineering And Management,0851

172,Mathura Devi Institute Of Technology And Management,0852

173,Oriental Institute Of Science And Technology,0853

174,Priyatam Institute Of Technology And Management,0854

175,Rkdf School Of Engineering,0855

176,Shiv Kumar Singh Institute Of Technology And Technology,0856

177,Star Academy Of Technology And Management,0857

178,Vikram Institute Of Technology And Management(Borkhedi Mohow),0858

179,Sanghvi Innovative Academy,0861

180,Malwa Institute Of Science And Technology,0862

181,Prestige Istitute Of Engg. And Science,0863

182,Global Institute Of Engg. And Science (Sendhwa),0870

183,Nalin Institute Of Technology,0872

184,Sri Aurobindo Institute Of Technology,0873

185,Indore Institute Of Science And Technology Ii,0874

186,Acropolis Technical Campus,0875

187,Medi-Cap Institute Of Science And Technology,0876

188,Crescent College Of Technology,0877

189,Mandsaur Institute Of Technology,0880

190,Sardar Patel Institute Of Technology And Management,0881

191,Shreejee Institute Of Technology And Management,0882

192,Balaji Institute Of Of Technology,0883

193,Thakur Shiv Kumar Singh Memorial Engg. College,0884

194,Vidyasagar Institute Of Technology,0885

195,Sri Parashuram Institute Of Technology & Research,0886

196,Uit Jhabua,0887

197,Madhav Institute Of Technology And Science,0901

198,Rustamji Institute Of Technology,0902

199,Maharana Pratap College Of Technology ,0903

200,Shri Ram College Of Engineering And Management(Banmore),0904

201,Institute Of Technology And Management,0905

202,Shri Rawatpura Sarkar Institute Of Technology And Science,0913

203,Nri Institute Of Technology And Management,0914

204,Institute Of Information Technology And Management,0915

205,Gwalior Engineering College,0916

206,Nagaji Institute Of Technology And Management,0917

207,Bvm College Of Technology And Management,0924

208,Gits (Gwalior Institute Of Technology And Science),0925

209, Ips College Of Technology And Management,0928

210,Shri Ram Institute Of Information Technology (Banmore),0929

211,Maa Kaila Devi Institute Of Information Technology,0930

212,Laxmi Narayan Institute Of Technology,0931

213,Gwalior Institute Of Information Technology,0932

214,Nagaji Institute Of Technology And Mand Management,0934

215,Vikram Institute Of Technology And Management,0936

216,Nri College Of Engg. And Management,0937

217,Imt Group Of Institutions,0938

218,Malwa Institute Of Technology And Management,0939

219,Lakshmi Narain Academy Of Technology,0940

220,Maharana Pratap College Of Technology And Management,0941

221,Hindustan Institute Of Technology Science And Management,0946

222,Integral Institute Of Information Technology And Science,0947

223,Shri Krishna Institute Of Technology And Management,0948

224,Kamal Kant Institute Of Technology And Management,0949

225,Bapu Institute Of Technology And Science,0952

226,Bethesda Institute Of Technology And Science,0953

227,Sakshi Institute Of Technology And Management,0954

MCA College Code Of RGPV/RGTU:

[newtable caption=”Colleges Code Of Rajiv Gandhi Technical University (RGPV)” colwidth=”10|20|100|” colalign=”left|left|left”],College Name,College Code

1,University Institute Of Technology(Rgpv),0101
2,Lakshmi Narain College Of Technology,0103
3,Rkdf Institute Of Science & Technology,0104
4,Oriental Institute Of Science & Technology,0105
5,Govt. Geetanjali Girls College,0107
6,Samrat Ashok Technological Institute,0108
7,Sri Satya Sai Institute Of Science & Technology,0109
8,Technocrat Institute Of Technology,0111
9,Barisal Institute Of Science & Technology,0112
10,Nri Institute Of Information Science & Technology,0115
11,All Sainte College Of Technology,0116
12,Maharishi Centre For Educational Excellence,0117
13,Institute Of Professional Education & Research,0118
14,Scope College Of Engineering,0121
15,Oriental College Of Technology,0126
16,Patel College Of Science & Technology,0128
17,Bhabha Engineering Research Institute,0129
18,Sagar Institute Of Research & Technology,0133
19,Sri Satya Sai College Of Mca,0134
20,Rkdf College Of Engineering,0156
21,Lakshmi Narain College Of Technology & Science,0157
22,Technocrat Institute Of Technology [Mca],0163
23,Rkdf Institute Of Science & Technology [Mca],0164
24,Oriental Institute Of Science & Technology [Mca],0167
25,People’S Institute Of Management & Research,0168
26,Bansal Institute Of Research & Technology,0173
27,Sam College Of Engineering & Technology,0188
28,Sri Satya Sai College Of Engineering,0189
29,Technocrats Institute Of Technology [Excellence],0191
30,Technocrats Institute Of Technology & Science,0192
31,Technocrats Institute Of Technology [Mba],0194
32,Oriental College Of Management,0196
33,Tit College 0201 Jabalpur Engineering College I,0199
34,Guru Ramdas Khalsa Institute Of Science & Technology,0202
35,Hitkami College Of Engineering & Technology,0203
36,Shri Ram Institute Of Technology,0205
37,Gyan Ganga Institute Of Technology,0206
38,Gyan Ganga College Of Technology,0208
39,Shri Ram Institute Of Technology[Mca],0210
40,Shri Ram Institute Of Management[Mca],0222
41,St. Aloysius Institute Of Technology,0223
42,Shri Ram Group Of Institutions,0230
43,Guns Ramdas Khalsa Institute Of Science & Technology,0235
44,Vindhya Institute Of Technology & Science,0302
45,Rewa Institute Of Technology,0302
46,Jawaharlal Nehru College Of Technology,0306
47,Bansal Institute Of Science & Technology,0550
48,Bhabha Engineering Research Institute,0551
49,Babulal Tarabai Research & Technology,0608
50,Mandsaur Institute Of Technology,0702
51,Shri Sai Institute Of Technology,0705
52,Mahakal Institute Of Computer Science,0708
53,Prestige Institute Of Management,0709
54,Mahakal Institute Of Technology & Science,0712
55,Gyanodaya Institute Of Professional Studies Neemuch(M.P),0724
56,Shri G.S. Institute Of Technology & Science,0801
57,Shri Vaishnav Institute Of Technology & Science,0802
58,Jawaharlal Institute Of Technology(Borawan),0805
59,Shri Vaishnav Institute Of Management,0807
60,Institute Of Engineering & Science(Ips Academy),0808
61,School Of Computer Application(Ips Academy),0810
62,Medi-Caps Institute Of Techno – Management,0813
63,Pioneer Institute Of Professional Studies,0814
64,Shri Raojibhai Gokalbhai Patel Gujarati Professional Institute,0815
65,Lakshmi Narain College Of Technology And Science (Rut),0817
66,Indore Institute Of Science & Technology,0818
67,Central India Institute Of Technology,0819
68,Lakshmi Narain College Of Technology,0820
69,Malwa Institute Of Technology,0821
70,Swami Vivekanand College Of Engineering,0822
71,Sri Dadaji Institute Of Technology & Science,0823
72,Acropolis Institute Of Technology & Research,0827
73,Sushila Devi Bansal College Of Technology,0829
74,Sushila Devi Bansal College Of Engineering,0834
75,Lord Krishna College Of Technology,0835
76,Sanghvi Institute Of Management & Science,0837
77,Venkteshwar Institute Of Technology,0838
78,Mathura Devi Institute Of Technology & Management,0852
79,Oriental Institute Of Science & Technology,0853
80,Rkdf School Of Engineering,0855
81,Sanghvi Institute Of Management & Science[Mba],0859
82,Indore Institute Of Computer Application,0871
83,Medicaps Institute Of Tech. & Managementmt(Mba),0878
84,Madhav Institute Of Technology & Science,0901
85,Rustam Li Institute Of Technology,0902
86,Maharana Pratap College Of Technology,0903
87,Institute Of Technology & Management,0905
88,Boston College For Professional Studies,0906
89,Prestige Institute Of Management,0907
90,Bhartiya Vidya Mandir College Of Management Education,0908
91,Institute Of Information Technology & Management,0915
92,Nagaji Institute Of Technology & Management,0917
93,Gicts College Of Professional Education,0918
94,Institute Of Technology & Management [Mca),0926
95,Divine International Group Of Institution,0951[/newtable]

B.Pharma College Code Of RGPV/RGTU:

[newtable caption=”Colleges Code Of Rajiv Gandhi Technical University (RGPV)” colwidth=”10|20|100|” colalign=”left|left|left”],College Name,College Code

1,VNS Group of Institutions,0106
2,RKDF College of Pharmacy,0113
3,Ravi Shankar College of Pharmacy I,0135
4,Bansal College of Pharmacy,0136
5,Lakshmi Narain College of Pharmacy,0137
6,NRI Institute of Pharmacy, 0138
7,Bhopal Institute of Technology & Science Pharmacy(Bangrasia),0139
8,Bhabha Pharmacy Research Institute,0140
9,Globus College of Pharmacy ,0141
10,NRI Institute of Pharmaceutical Science,0142
11,Malhotra College,0143
12,Millennium College of Pharmacy,0144
13,Oriental College of Pharmacy,0145
14,Patel College of Pharmacy,0146
15,Radharaman College of Pharmacy,0147
16,Rajiv Gandhi College of Pharmacy,0148
17,Sagar Institute of Research & Technology Pharmacy,0149
18,TIT College of Pharmacy,0150
19,Truba Institute of Pharmacy,0151
20,Sri Satya Sai College of Pharmacy,0152
21,IES’s College of Pharmacy,0153
22,R D Memorial College of Pharmacy,0154
23,RKDF School of Pharmaceutical Sciences,0155
24,Vedica College of Pharmacy,0162
25,Technocrat Institute of Technology [ Pharmacy ],0165
26,People’s Institute of Pharmacy & Research Center,0169
27,Radharaman Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences,0170
28,Sagar Institute of Research Technology & Science [Pharmacy],0193
29,Sri Satya Sai Institute of Pharmaceutical Science,0195
30,Sri Satya Sai School of Pharmacy,0197
31,Sardar Patel College of Technology [ Pharmacy ],0209
32,Shri Ram Institute of Technology [Pharmacy],0211
33,Guru Ramdas Khalsa Institute of Science & Technology [Pharmacy],0212
34,Shri Ram Institute of Pharmacy,0231
35,Shri Ram Group of Institutions,0232
36,Rewa College of Pharmacy,0304
37,Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Pharmacy,0305
38,IES School of Pharmacy,0513
39,Sagar Institute of Pharmacy & Technology,0514
40,Dr Satyendra Kumar Memorial College of Pharmacy,0515
41,Vivekanand College of Pharmacy,0516
42,Kailash Narayan Patidar College of Pharmacy,0518
43,Mittal Institute of Pharmacy,0519
44,Rajeev Gandhi Institute of Pharmaceutical Science,0520
45,Patel Institute of Pharmacy,0521
46,Millennium College of Pharmacy & Science,0522
47,Swami Vivekanand College of Pharmacy,0523
48,Sanjay Gandhi College & Research Centre,0524
49,Sagar Institute of Pharmaceutical Science,0602
50,Adina Institute of Pharmaceutical Science,0603
51,Bhagyodaya Tirth Pharmacy College,0604
52,Vedic Institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research,0605
53,Daksh Institute of Pharmaceutical Science,0606
54,Baba Loknath Indian Institute of Pharmacy Science & Research Centre,0615
55,B R Nahata College of Pharmacy,0703
56,Dr Shri RMS Institute Science & Technology( College of Pharmacy)[Bhanpura],0706
57,Mahakal Institute of Pharmaceutical Studies,0707
58,Mandsaur Institute of Pharmacy,0710
59,Ujjain Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences,0711
60,Royal Institute of Mana•ement & Advanced Studies,0720
61,Shri GS Institute of Technology & Science,0801
62,Smirti College of Pharmaceutical Education,0804
63,College of Pharmacy IPS Academy,0811
64,GRY Institute of Pharmacy[Borawan],0816
65,Central India Institute of Pharmacy,0824
66,Lakshmi Narain College of Pharmacy (RCP),0825
67,Swami Vivekanand College of Pharmacy,0826
68,RKDF Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences,0840
69,Charak Institute of Pharmacy[Mandleshwar],0841
70,B M College of Pharmaceutical Education & Research,0843
71,Chordia Institute of Pharmacy,0844
72,Indore Institute of Pharmacy,0845
73,Modem Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences,0846
74,Institute of Pharmacy[Kanadia],0847
75,Nutanben Mansukhbhai Turakhia Gujarati College of Pharmacy,0848
76,Nimar Institute of Pharmacy[Dhamnod],0849
77,Oriental College of Pharmacy & Research,0860
78,Shri Bherulal Pharmacy Institute,0864
79,Sri Satya Sai Pharmacy Research Institute,0865
80,Acropolis Institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research,0866
81,Subhdeep College of Pharmacy,0867
82,Vikrant Institute of Pharmacy,0869
83,Sri Aurobindo Inst. of Pharmacy,0879
84,Sri Ram Nath Singh College of Pharmacy[Gormi],0909
85,Sun Institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research[Lahar],0911
86,Shri Rawatpura Institute of Pharmacy,0919
87,Shri Ram College of Pharmacy,0920
88,Shri Ram Nath Singh Institute of Pharmaceutical Science,0921
89,Pranav Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences & Research,0922
90,Institute of Professional Studies College of Pharmacy,0923
91,Nagaji Institute of Pharmaceutical Science,0925
92,Gurukul Institute of Pharmaceutical Science & Research,0933
93,Bhartiya Vidya Mandir College of Pharmacy,0944
94,Lakshmi Narain College of Pharmacy,0945[/newtable]

M.Pharma College Code Of RGPV/RGTU:

[newtable caption=”Colleges Code Of Rajiv Gandhi Technical University (RGPV)” colwidth=”10|20|100|” colalign=”left|left|left”],College Name,College Code

1,School of Pharmaceutical Sciences UTD[RGPV],0001
2,VNS Group of Institutions,0106
3,RKDF College of Pharmacy,0113
4,Ravi Shankar College of Pharmacy,0135
5,Bansal College of Pharmacy,0136
6,Lakshmi Narain College of Pharmacy,0137
7,NRI Institute of Pharmacy,0138
8,Bhopal Institute of Technology & Science – Pharmacy[Bangrasia],0139
9,Bhabha Pharmacy Research Institute,0140
10,Globus College of Pharmacy,0141
11,NRI Institute of Pharmaceutical Science,0142
12,Malhotra College,0143
13,Millennium College of Pharmacy,0144
14,Oriental College of Pharmacy,0145
15,Patel College of Pharmacy,0146
16,Radharaman College of Pharmacy,0147
17,Rajiv Gandhi College of Pharmacy,0148
18,Sagar Institute of Research & Technology – Pharmacy,0149
19,TIT College of Pharmacy,0150
20,Truba Institute of Pharmacy,0151
21,Sri Satya Sai College of Pharmacy,0152
22,IES’s College of Pharmacy,0153
23,RKDF School of Pharmaceutical Sciences,0155
24,Vedica College of Pharmacy,0162
25,Technocrat Institute of Technology ( Pharmacy],0165
26,Radharaman Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences,0170
27,Sagar Institute of Research Technology & Science[Pharmacy],0193
28,Sri Satya Sai Institute of Pharmaceutical Science,0195
29,Shri Ram Institute of Technology[Pharmacy],0211
30,Guru Ramdas Khalsa Institute of Science & Technology[Pharmacy],0212
31,Shri Ram Institute of Pharmacy,0231
32,Shri Ram Group of Institutions,0232
33,Sagar Institute of Pharmacy & Technology,0514
34,Mittal Institute of Pharmacy,0519
35,Sagar Institute of Pharmaceutical Science,0602
36,Adina Institute of Pharmaceutical Science,0603
37,Bhagyodaya Tirth Pharmacy College,0604
38,Vedic Institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research,0605
39,Daksh Institute of Pharmaceutical Science,0606
40,BR Nahata College Of Pharmacy,0703
41,Dr. Sri R M S Institute Science & Technology College of -Pharmacy[Bhanpura],0706
42,Mahakal Institute of Pharmaceutical Studies,0707
43,Mandsaur Institute of Pharmacy,0710
44,Shri GS Institute of Technology & Science,0801
45,Smirti College of Pharmaceutical Education,0804
46,College of Pharmacy IPS Academy,0811
47,GRY Institute of Pharmacy[Borawan],0816
48,Central India Institute of Pharmacy,0824
49,Lakshmi Narain College of Pharmacy (RCP),0825
50,Swami Vivekanand College of Pharmacy,0826
51,RKDF Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences,0840
52,Charak Institute of Pharmacy[Mandleshwar],0841
53,B M College of Pharmaceutical Education & Research,0843
54,Indore Institute of Pharmacy,0845
55,Modern Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences,0846
56,Shri Bherulal Pharmacy Institute,0864
57,Sri Satya Sai Pharmacy Research Institute,0865
58,Acropolis Institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research,0866
59,Vikrant Institute of Pharmacy,0869
60,Sri Aurobindo Institute of Pharmacy,0879
61,Sri Ram Nath Singh College of Pharmacy[Gormi],0909
62,Shri Rawatpura Institute of Pharmacy,0919
63,Shri Ram College of Pharmacy,0920
64,Shri Ram Nath Singh Institute of Pharmaceutical Science,0921
65,Pranav Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences & Research,0922
66,Institute of Professional Studies College of Pharmacy,0923
67,Nagaji Institute of Pharmaceutical Science,0925 [/newtable]


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    1. Thanks for your valuable comment on rgpv (Bhopal) college code list….if this post helpful to you then do share with your friends and colleagues.

  2. Sir, i want to know the college code of Gyan ganga institue and also tell me….is there electrical instrumentation branch is available or not ?

    1. Good Morning Bunty… i am glad happy to know the RGPV or RGTU college code …The College code of Gyan Ganga Institute Of Technology And Management be 0176 and Gyan Ganga Institute Of Technology be 0206 and Gyan Ganga College Of Technology be 0208 … If this Rajiv Gandhi Technical universiyty college code be helpful then do share with your colleges friends….Thnaks

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