How To Drive Massive Traffic To Your Blog From StumbleUpon

Getting traffic to a new blog is always quite hard , every one try his/her best to get more and more targeted traffic to blog so he easily get success in blogging. because in blogging successful blogger is one who have good content and massive traffic. every newbie try to learn seo trick to get huge traffic from search engines but some times its not possible that every one can be master in seo. seo is a very long topic to discuss no one can discuss in 1 article. so today i am going to tell you all tricks to get massive traffic from stumble upon easily. there is no special technique these tips are simple but helpful. i will tell you some points that will surely help you. there are lots of other social sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ Etc. you can drive traffic from here easily i already wrote a complete guide on getting traffic from social networking sites. you can read on this blog. so today i am going to tell you How To Drive Massive Traffic To Your Blog From StumbleUpon.

drive traffic from stumbleupn

How To Drive Massive Traffic To Your Blog From StumbleUpon

First You have to register on Stumbleupon. you can easily do it in 5 minutes so lets go to main points without wasting time.

1: Your Stumble Upon Profile Matters

Make sure you have a good profile picture and all info submit in your account. this will help you to get followers and will get higher chances to get more hits from stumble upon. Just complete your profile and then work on stumble upon.

2: Timing Of Submitting Links

Make sure you choose best timing for submitting your links because stumble upon has more users from other countries likes USA, Canada so set your time according to there time and see what time is best for posting links. some days before i submit my link at 4 Am and i got nearly 1000 hits . so you also have to consider this point for getting good traffic.

3: How Many Time You Have To Share Link Per Day

Submit your link after 12 hours means submit your link twice a day for getting more and more hits from stumble upon and make sure not to share link more than 3 times per day or per link so best advice to stay away from spamming and work original.

4: Choosing A Best Interest

Yes, Choosing A best interest to submit blog link is very important. you will get guaranteed high targeted traffic from stumble upon just by choose a big popular interest. now its your duty to find which interest is best.

5: Great and Unique Content

Every knows that content is king for any blog or in any purpose. with out quality content you cant get any thing so same rule is for stumble upon. you have to write quality content to attract people.

6: Submit Others Link Also

Dont be selfish, dont share only own links, there are million of blog available, share other links too this is also a great tip for getting traffic from stumble upon.

7: Spend Some Time On Stumbling Other Websites

Dont only share other links but also stumble other website on stumble upon so stumbleupon will give you more traffic. so spend some time and enjoy real traffic.

8: Be Active

Be Active dont be lazy. always share some thing and stumble other website so you can get good result. if you just come once in a week and there is not much advantage of this.


I tried my best to tell you everything i know about stumble upon. you can drive massive traffic from stumble upon just by follow above points. if i missed any thing or you have any doubts then comment below Thanks

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