How To Turn-Off Tracking Location Of Your Smartphones

Do You want to Turn-off tracking location in abdroid mobile phones as well as in Apple iPhones or iPod ? Then today in this guide to follow some tips & tricks to disable your GPS features . Tracking location is very popular features in smartphones to track our locations informations through …

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40 Windows 10 Shortcut Keys

Windows 10 the new and updated version of windows 8.1 and windows 7 launched by the Microsoft Company Inc . Here I listed 40 windows 10 shortcut keys for users preferences to save their time and internet serfing more faster . With the help of windows 10 shortcut keys works …

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40 Google Chrome Shortcut Keys

Google chrome , browser the first choice of the internet user all over the world to search enquires , results etc. While using chrome many shortcut keys are present but due to the lack of knowledge most of the internet users doesn’t used shortcut button keys in the chrome browser …

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40 Mozilla Firefox Shortcut Keys

As we all know that Mozilla firefox is the first choice of every internet user all over the world .Today in this interesting topic to see 40 mozilla firefox shortcut keys that every users should know it . To implement firefox shortcut keys helps to surfing internet smarter on mozilla firefox …

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How To Delete or Close Snapchat Account Permanently

Are You really tired with Snapchat account ? Switching a snapchat account really a challange to everone . Today in this tutorial You will learnt that how to cancelled your snapchat account from your life permanently . Snapchat is a free video-messaging apps where you can share your photos , …

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