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How To Earn Money Online From Home

Do You want to earn money online from home ? It’s a big question to You . Yeh! it is right to earn money online from home . Today in this tutorial we guide “How to earn money online from home” . In this Tutorial we discuss Top 10 online jobs from home and you can earn up to Rs.10,000 to Rs.50,000 or more , it depends on your work capabilities . There are many online jobs popular all over the world as well as in India also . Here i listed Top 10 online ways to earn money online .

Top 10 Ways To Earn Money Online From Home
1. Blogging From Home :

Blogging is another best online job from home without any investment . If you want to earn money from home by blogging then to join Blogger.com , Tumblr.com , wordpress.com , etc that provides free blogging .

blogging from home

You can create a blog on these above website and post something on regular basis and update your blog regularly . Aftersome time you have reached 100 visitors per day then to monetize your blog with the advertisement network . There are number of  advertisement network are their i.e; Google adsense , chitika , Infolinks , Bidvertisers , Qadbra etc. are present . By this advertisement You can paid for each and every click from your website or blog .This is the best way to earn money online from home.

2. Earning Money From Youtube :

Youtube is the largest collection of videos all over the world . Youtube also offers income online by uploading your unique videos on it .

earning from youtube

How To Earn Money From Youtube :

>Sign in Youtube account with personal E-mail id.

>To create a Youtube Video Channel .

>Upload a Unique video with high resolution in HD images that will attract more and more visitors .

>To tag your Youtube videos with similar keywords searches .

>When your videos watching more than 100 visitors per day .

>Then to monetize your Youtube videos with Google Adsense program ( Which paid Money to your Adsense account )

3. Sell Online :

Sell online is a method in which you can sell your products and Goods from homes . There are many top shopping websites in India offers to sell their Products online such as Amazon.in , Flipkart.com  Infibeam.com , Paytm.com , shopclues.com , ebay.in , myntra.com , snapdeal.com etc .

sell online your products

How It Works :

>If you want to sell your products anything online like mobiles , cameras , pendrive , datacard , fashion appearels , kitchen items etc .

>Then to join as reseller .

>Just upload your products photo and selling price and start selling online through website.

>Don’t talk anyone to sale their product .

>You will receive Product order in mailbox of E-mail id and just deliver through courier or Post .

>when deliver is OK! then Your payment is reffered in to your account by check/internet banking etc.

4. Affiliate Marketing :

affiliate jobs

Affiliate Marketing is another online program in which you can promote Products and Goods on your blog or website . There are many big shopping website companies Provides Affiliate Program such as Amazon.in , Flipkart.com , Shopclues.com ,  Infibeam.com , Snapdeal.com , Paytm.com etc they will paid For your Promotion . If you want to be a part of Affiliate Marketing Program then to registered your account with these affiliate marketing companies and you can earn minimum 4% to 10% comission From each sale . So to join the affiliate marketing program on these top  shopping website Company and promote the affiliate links On your website .You will get definitely 4% to 10% comission on each and every sale .

5.Buy and Sell Domain :

Domain names and internet concept

Buy and Sell Domain is also an online program To earn money from home . If you want to sell Domain online then to registered your domain on the website such as Godaddy.com , Bigrock.in , Bluehost.com , hostgator.com , Hostraja.in etc that provides  domains all over the world and also in India . After sometimes , when your websites be popular then put your domains for Auctions . You can get 10 times to 1000 times of the original price . It is the best source of income to earn money from online .

6. Selling Photo Online :

online sale photo

Today’s everyone has a smartphones , camera , mobiles and others types Gadgets to shoot their photo . If you are interesting to capture good photo like animals , birds , natures , places , real incidents etc . then selling photo online is the best jobs for you  from home . There are numerous website on the internet that provides to sell their photo online all over the world by uploading HD images and High resolution images . Some of the website that provides to sell their photo online are iStock , Photobucket ,  Shutterstock etc.
so if you use mobiles phones , smartphones , cameras and other gadgets to shoots real images and photograph and sell their photo online and earn large amount of money from them . You can choose sell photo online as carrer options .

7. Online Writing Job :

online writing jobs

Online Writing Job is the best way to earn money from website . Today’s lots of website running and the author needs a article about something (not to be copyrighted) then owner of website Pays money to you about Rs.200-Rs.1000 per article . If your  writing skill and language skill be Excellent then you can earn money by Implemented these writing job . Some of the best website that provides the online writing job i.e; ehow.com , wikihow.com Fiverr , Freelancer.com , Elance etc.

8.Online Survey :

online survey jobs

Online Survey is an online ways to earn money by Online survey opinion . Many MNC ( Multi National Company ) ask for your opinion with own Products and goods to increase their sales in publics . When you join these MNC companies with your E-mail id  and password then on regulary basis MNC has sent sms in your mailbox then to verify their email and send opinion to that products and MNC has paid money to your Wallet . Be Careful ! while signup there are number of Fake website are present there .If  you want to join these types of Online Survey Programs then search in google and read about that companies and reviews .

9. Online Captcha Jobs :

online captcha jobs

Online Captcha Job is also known as Data Entry Job . If you want to doing a Job online then Online captcha Job is best for You . Whenever you want to create or signup account then one thing comes at the last i.e; Captcha that is very important for every site  owner . Captcha prevents from automatic accounts created . Many big companies has paid to solve captcha work , when you can solve approx 1000 captcha in 1-2 hours daily on different website then earn $1-$2 everyday . Similarly you can work on different  website approx 6-8 hours daily then you can earn $10 per day . If these process continuosly 30 days then you can earn Rs.10,000 -Rs.15000 per month . There are presents dozens of website that provides online Captcha jobs .

10.Online Micro Jobs :

ONLINE micro jobs

Micro Jobs means that a small jobs for everone Online which takes a few minutes times and takes a short survey daily on regular basis on a scheduled time . You can earn Rs.2 to Rs.100 for completing a task . They give tasks to the online users to sharing  their page , giving review on product and goods , writing a short articles , to crating a testimonials and many others simle and easily tasks for you . You want to earn Online micro job then you must Join mTruck that provides best earninig to the users and  work well with mTruck and just mTruck many similar website that provides simple and easy tasks and paid money to your wallet .

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