9 Must Have iPhone & Android Apps For Bloggers Webmasters

As you all know Apple & android are the fastest growing companies and if you see around yourself every one is using these apple or android devices. and every blogger must have one of these device. because these devices are very helpful for bloggers / webmasters you can get lot of help and it will also save your time. these devices have lots of apps that will help you in blogging.

Blogger apps for android and iphones

so thats why today i am writing this for all of you. there are lots of apps available in apple or android devices. but i will tell you the most useful apps that will help your in blogging. You can take lot of help from these apps, may be after downloading these apps, you dont have to go to computer. because i am a apple user and i know these apps help me a lot in every thing. and i think they may also help you. so have a look at the below list of apple and android apps for bloggers.

Best Apple And Android Apps For Bloggers :

1. Blogger, WordPress or Tumblr :

Blogger, wordpress and tumblr are the basic apps for any blogger so its depends on you which one you are using you can download that app. you can write your post from your mobile easily. you can add images and videos and links also from these apps these are same as you are using them on computer so i hope these are helpful for bloggers to work from mobile and save some time.

2. Paypal :

As a blogger i think every one is using paypal for different purposes and paypal is also the most popular and safe payment processor. so if you will download it on your mobile then you can check your account activity from your mobile easily. you can also send and receive money from paypal app. so all i can say you must need to give a try to this app its a great app in apple and android store.

3. EverNote :

Evernote is the best apps in iphone and android for bloggers you can write post add images, video clips and much more with this app, evernote is a friend of bloggers you can save your ideas. you can setup reminder for any thing this is great for bloggers.

4. Any Photo Editor : ( Photo elite, photoshop etc )

If you are a blogger then while writing post you must need at least one image. so for that you can use these apps or take photos from google and edit them in any photo editing software. so this is also a great features in smart phones .

5. Facebook And Other Social Sites :

Facebook is the biggest social network, this is really great website for bloggers they share their post and get huge amount of traffic from facebook. i add these apps because when you will write post then you may need to share it with your friends on facebook and on other social sites. than you can share it using social apps from your mobile .

6. Google Drive :

Google drive allows every one to store any thing like. docs, images, videos, files or any other thing. so this is helpful for bloggers who want to share files through google drive. this is great app and you can also sync your data from multiple devices link with your google account .

7. Google Analytics :

All bloggers knows about google analytics because this website which tell your blog stats and some other things. so now its time to see them all on your mobile by just downloading it from your store .

8. Adsense :

No doubt whether a fast learner ( newbies ) or professional blogger knows about this and every one need this for making some money from his blog. so now you can also enjoy it on your mobiles you can see how much earning every day with out going to adsense website .

9. Dictionary.com :

this is also great app for blogger in apple and android. you can see your spelling whether you are writing correct or not or if you dont know the meaning of any thing you can search find meaning of any word. so its good for those who are not good in English.

Final Words :

So the list of best apple and android apps for bloggers is come to an end but there are lot more apps that will help you according to your needs. so if you think i missed some thing or i made any mistake tell me in your comments thanks !

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